Skin-tone Bandages


Toby Meisenheimer and his wife have five children. Two of the kids are biological and, like their parents, they are caucasian. The other kids, who are adopted, are African-American. When any of them get cuts or scratches a classic Band-Aid is used for protection. The problem is that the standard pink flesh-toned bandage does not match the skin colour of everyone in the family. This did not settle well with Dad, so he set about creating a new product line of different coloured bandages called Tru-Colour.

As Meisenheimer says, "I just want my kids, who are already gonna struggle with the fact that they don’t have the same skin colour as their Dad, to see they were made just as authentic and just as beautiful; the bandage market needs to reflect that.” Much to the delight of many people, Tru-Colour bandages come in three different shades of brown: light, medium and dark. Hopefully, this product will stick around for a long time.

Duncan Johnson

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