Why Kids Love Elmo


It’s been said that babies, for a short time atleast, see only in black and white. Research from Britain’s University of Sussex’s Baby Lab has shown that this is indeed a myth. Anna Franklin, head of the lab, says studies show that the first colour babies discern is red. During the initial six months of a child’s life the cones in the retinas of their eyes are developing. Eventually, the brain figures out the spectrum of colours that a child is seeing and will systematically categorize them within their brains.

This brings us to Elmo. The main reason the bright red Sesame Street character is beloved by infants has to do with his colouring. Yes, kids are attracted to his personality and voice but it’s that intense red that first draws them in. Big Bird and Cookie Monster, who represent the two remaining primary colours: yellow and blue, have nothing on their good buddy Elmo. But not to worry, as an individual’s colour sense matures, they will soon see the value of all the other muppets.


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