Crayon Names


In 2009 Crayola issued a new set of nine crayon colors exclusively through Walmart stores. One of the colors was given the name – Washer Fluid. The best part about this collection is that they were scented crayons. Who wants their children playing with a crayon that smells like washer fluid? The set also contained the intoxicating fragrances – Axle Grease (grey) and Engine Oil (maroon).

Colors are constantly being added and retired from the popular line of waxed crayons. Here are some of the more imaginative monikers that wore out their welcome:

> Alien Armpit - yellow green

> Booger Buster - spring green

> Ogre Odor - red orange

> Permanent Geranium Lake - red

> Saw Dust - peach

> Susquatch Socks - violet red

> Wash the Dog - dandelion

> Woodstock Mud - brown

Purple Prose

The Queen of Tulips