Refugee Nation Flag


Presently, there are an estimated 65 million displaced persons living on the planet earth. In 2015 a proposal to permanently relocate the world’s refugees led to the birth of a movement called – Refugee Nation. The concept, encouraging governments, industry and individuals to champion the cause, garnered much media attention and spurred a crowdsourcing campaign to raise revenue.

Refugee Nation Flag : B.jpg

Yara Said, a Syrian artist, increased public awareness through the design of a flag for a group of ten refugee athletes who were granted permission by the IOC to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympic games. These frustrated competitors were without a nation to represent them. The flag was inspired by the life vests that Said and other refugees wore as they struggled to survive rough seas during their quest for safe ground. The standard issue orange life vest, with its single black strap, became an unwitting icon that spoke directly to their struggles. The floatation vest’s intense orange fabric, used to make those in peril highly visible, now performs a similar task signifying the Refugee Nation. Proving, once more, how a color can meaningfully brand a campaign.


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