Carpet Coral


No, these are not colourful crochet tea cosies or hats. They are animals that live in the earth’s deep seas and coral reefs. Scientists categorize them as Zoanthids, but most people call them carpet coral, button polyps or “zoos”. Because they are extremely hardy and electrifyingly vibrant, they are popular with aquarium owners – both hobbyists and professionals. This unique coral species spreads quickly and is easy to maintain, requiring medium light levels and water movement. Enthusiasts have learned that they can intensify the coral's colours by increasing the aquarium's light source.

Carpet Coral varieties also have colourful names. Here is a selection – Fruit Loops, Utter Chaos, Orange Bam Bam, Pink Hippos, Nuclear Green and Purple Space Monsters.

Orange Bam Bam

Orange Bam Bam

Wax Sculpture