Pink Floyd

During the sixties, British musician Roger “Syd” Barrett was part of a band called the “Tea Set.” One evening, just before the band was about to go on stage, they were informed that there was another group playing on the bill under the very same name. Barrett devised something new on the spot and that evening they performed as “The Pink Floyd Sound.” He had named the band after two American blues guitarists/singers he had in his record collection – one was Pinkney “Pink” Anderson and the other was Floyd Council.  

Pink Anderson  and Floyd Council

Pink Anderson  and Floyd Council

The band, known for its progressive and psychedelic music, went on to be a huge worldwide success. In the sixties they changed their name to “The Pink Floyd” and in the seventies shortened it to “Pink Floyd.” It has been determined that Pink Anderson and Floyd Council never did perform or record together, yet these two blues musicians became immortalized for an entirely different colour.

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