The New Dark Ages

A new material has been developed in Britain and it's so black that it's difficult to understand what you are looking at. The colour is made from carbon “nanotubes” which have been described as very thin drinking straws. These straws are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. The substance is called Vantablack and it absorbs up to 99.96% of visual light, making it blacker than anything man has ever known.

To make matters even more astounding the Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor acquired exclusive rights to the super black in 2016. “Imagine a space that's so dark that as you walk in you lose all sense of where you are, what you are, and especially all sense of time,” says Kapoor. The exclusive licensing of the colour to Kapoor has been very controversial and has many artists outraged. Fellow British artist Shanti Panchal, angry with the decision, said, “I have not known of anything so absurd. In the creative world, artists, nobody should have monopoly.” Kapoor and the company responsible for the new substance are keeping tight-lipped on the subject.