Seating Arrangements


Have you noticed that the colour red is prominent inside many movie theatres? Arguably, rich red seats and curtains add a certain sophistication to a venue, however, the reason for the colour choice goes deeper. It just so happens that human eyes are less sensitive to the colour red and this helps make the space appear darker when the lights go down. All of which make viewing the movie screen easier. 


Lately there has been a trend towards installing multi-coloured seating in auditoriums that are used in both lit and unlit situations. University lecture halls and sports facilities find that unoccupied colourful seating makes a space feel more energetic and friendly. Some auditoriums go as far as to incorporate two different colours within each seat. This design feature gives personality to an empty room – making the environment more inviting. This is a good example of how interior designers are using colour to humanize spaces that too often default to institutional banality.


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